Born and raised in Texas, I am a wife to my loving Matthew, a mother to 3 wonderful children and lover of Jesus. I am a devoted photographer, musician and will never shoot down a good taco and a margarita! I love a chilled windy day and the smell of honeysuckle. Garry Marshall movies make me cry and I don’t care what anyone says, Hallmark Christmas movies are life. My mind is constantly moving with creativity and goals and I allow that to shine through in every aspect of my work. Photography has allowed me to feed my business brain as well as my creative brain, ensuring the best possible outcome for you, my clients.


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As your photographer, I want to see your personalities come to LIFE in your photos. My goal is to help you remember why you fell in-love all of those years ago, be it 5 years or 50 years! Every love is unique and every relationship thrives on different things. I want to capture it, frame it and hang it on your wall so that you can be reminded in the good and the bad that your love is STRONG and BEAUTIFUL. As a lifestyle photographer, I will pose you as needed, but my goal is to capture your life as is. This means kids running, big bear hugs and your child’s sweet slobbery kisses! I am there to help that love shine through.